Varney the Vampyre;
The Feast of Blood

Bottom of Varney Title Page Illustration


An Introduction

Well, I have finally overcome some of the inertia and have decided to start constructing the introduction to Varney the Vampyre; or, the Feast of Blood.

Someday soon, I hope to put up my own humble comments on this work, but for now, I will start with some links to pages that contain introductions written by more scholarly minds that have given this work its due consideration.

I will also provide a brief comments page for letters, emails, and other comments that I receive that are of a shorter length. If you wish to contribute either a long introduction or commentary, or just a brief comment or two, send them to me at, and I will consider adding them here. And if you do write, let me know if it's all right to publish your name, city and country, and whether you mind if your email address is included or not.
But for now, here is a start:

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