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Chapter RangeLHA Self ExtractingRegular ZIP Archive
Preface up to Chapter 19 VARN-019.exe,174K VARN-019.ZIP,171K
Chapter 20 to Chapter 39 VARN-039.exe,183K VARN-039.ZIP,180K
Chapter 40 to Chapter 59 VARN-059.exe,131K VARN-059.ZIP,129K
Chapter 60 to Chapter 79 VARN-079.exe,169K VARN-079.ZIP,166K
Chapter 80 to Chapter 99 VARN-099.exe,238K VARN-099.ZIP,227K
Chapter 100 to Chapter 119 VARN-119.exe,171K VARN-119.ZIP,168K
Chapter 120 to Chapter 139 VARN-139.exe,151K VARN-139.ZIP,149K
Chapter 140 to Chapter 159 VARN-159.exe,173K VARN-159.ZIP,170K
Chapter 160 to Chapter 179 VARN-179.exe,116K VARN-179.ZIP,115K
Chapter 180 to Chapter 199 VARN-199.exe,113K VARN-199.ZIP,112K
Chapter 200 to Chapter 219 VARN-219.exe,121K VARN-219.ZIP,119K
Chapter 220 to The End VARN-237.exe,95K VARN-237.ZIP,94K

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