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Images and Illustrations from Varney the Vampyre

What follows are some crude scans of the illustrations which appear in Varney the Vampyre; or, The Feast of Blood. So far, only the images from the first 19 chapters are presented. While there are certainly more illustrations from later chapters, they did die off long before the conclusion of the story and became rarer and rarer as the saga progressed. Someday it is hoped that all of the images can be done and presented in a form which better indicates how they fit into both the story and presentation.

These scans were done from the 1970 Arno facsimile reprint edition. It is believed that the 1972 Dover edition is a better print and would give better scans of the images. I believe that the bulk of the text and illustrations in both editions came from one of the 1847 collected reprints. It is noted with the Arno edition, however, that the Cover Page came from 1853. From the appearance of that page, it seems that the reprinting in 1853 may have been a re-issuing of the story in serial form, rather than a collected reprint.

An additional feature of many of the early chapters was a drop capital for the character of the first paragraph. I hope to someday present these as well, but as they look to be stock images and not directly related to the Varney story, they are not a high priority.

Each image file is in JPEG format. There is not enough room in the free website to store multiple versions of all images. It is also not possible using the free website hosting package to have files larger than 1/4 megabyte.

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